Transcript Volunteers

Thanks to our volunteers for creating transcripts for our lecture presentations!

The virtual nature of IUS2020 and the prerecorded oral talks have offered an opportunity to UFFC to help expand access to our participant's work. For the last month, we have had a team of nearly 50 people creating and editing transcripts for almost all the videos, so that they become more accessible to all. This is a time consuming task by people with expertise in the field to ensure terms are accurately transcribed, and we would like to thank every member of this team, led by Ruochen Lu. Their names are below

It is our goal that in future all our new video presentations will come with not only a transcript, but subtitles. This was not possible to implement for IUS2020 due to time and technical constraints, except for the plenary session - a subtitled version of that presentation can be found here.

 Oluwafemi Adelegan
 Alex Alvarez
 Maryam Basij
 Martin Blanchard
 Qianqian Cai
 Yingna Chen
 Bhaskara Rao Chintada
 Sang Won Choi
 Emily Dahl
 Shreya Das
 Zhijie Dong
 Muhannad Fadhel
 Liuqing Gao
 Ya Gao
 Anurup Guha
 Pragya Gupta
 Yanbo He
 Boyang Jiang
 Pradyumna Kedarisetti
 Paul Kemper
 Kunkyu Lee
 Hongliang Li
 Jiayan Li
 Huang-Chen Lin
 Yangpei Liu
 Yijia Liu
 Jacob McCall
 Rashid Al Mukaddim
 Kathryn Ozgun
 Thanh-Tu Pham
 Jean Sanders
 Zachary Schaffer
 Maryam Shafiei Alavijeh
 Qingchuan Shan
 Aparna Singh
 Steffen Link
 Xiaofei Sun
 Yizhe Sun
 Chunjie Tan
 Melina Tourni
 Quang Tran
 Anudeep Vayyeti
 Mengxuan Wang
 Mingyang Wang
 Xubo Wang
 Yue Xu
 Yan Yan
 Tang Yuchen